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                      CF-HM200 Hot Melting Machine

                      Working Principle of?CF-HM200 Foam Hot Melting Machine:

                      When the two shaft crushing blades are working,two parallel blade shafts with different rotation direction begin to rotate, form a wave down the grip, so that the material constant downward movement, after going through the cutting blade, and broken into smaller blocks of matter .

                      Applications and place to use:

                      Foam Hot Melting Machine can process multiple materials such as EPS EPP EPE XPS PUR EVA?into small hot melted blocks. It is middle capacity one for 100kg/h, especially used in middle to large sized recycling center, food market.?Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Recycling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of Foam Hot Melting Machine.

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