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                      EPE Compactor Equipment

                      EPE Compactor Equipment

                      EPE Compactor Equipment is mainly used for waste disposal. Including: paper, EPS (polystyrene foam), EPE PUR?EVA?and so on. The material through the mill to be ground into a block?compaction process.


                      Through numerous experiments on the Styrofoam compactor?and continuous improvement. To create a superior performance. EPE Compactor Equipment?is controlled unit is based on PLC automatic control system. And a peripheral circuit performance is extremely reliable.

                      EPE Compactor Equipment

                      Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Compactor Machine manufacturer and supplier from China which can provide you with high quality of EPE Compactor Equipment.

                      CF-CP-380?EPE Compactor Equipment:


                      EPE Compactor Equipment
                      Model CF-CP-380
                      Capacity 150kg/h
                      Screw Diameter φ350mm
                      Input size 1000mmx600mm
                      Screw rotation speed 36rpm
                      Crusher blades 4Sets ?10+11+10+11sets
                      Blade rotation speed 120rpm
                      Main motor 11kw
                      Crusher motor 2.2kw X 4
                      Hydraulic motor 1.5kw
                      Production size 380x380mm
                      Machine Outline 4800x1500x2500
                      Weight 1800kg

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