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                      EPP Melting Machine

                      EPP Melting Machine

                      This EPP Melting Machine can process multiple materials. Such as EPS EPP EPE ?XPS PUR EVA?into small hot melted blocks. It is middle capacity one for 180-200kg/h. Especially used in middle to large sized recycling center, food market.

                      The?four shaft crushing blades in the EPP Melting Machine can broke the EPS material into small blacks and go through the screen. The material that can’t go through the screen will be crushed again. And finally go through the screen. The material will been sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition. Then extrude them and hydraulic blade cut them to pieces for easy storage and transportation.

                      EPP Melting Machine

                      Qinfeng Machinery is a Foam Recycle Melter Machine manufacturer and supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of EPP Melting Machine.

                      CF-HM-400?EPP Melting Machine:


                      EPP Melting Machine CF-HM-400
                      Screw diameter φ250?mm
                      Screw distance 180 mm
                      Screw speed 150 r/min
                      Capacity 180-200Kg/h
                      Screen hole diameter 50 mm
                      Extrusion center height 366 mm
                      Motor power 22KW
                      Heating power 3 zones total 14kw
                      Crusher motor power 2.2kwx4
                      Crusher blades quatity four?screw 9sets+10sets+9sets+10sets
                      Crusher rotation speed 100r/m
                      Size?L×W×H 3400×1880×2150
                      Weight 1800 Kg

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