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                      Polystyrene Melting Machine

                      Polystyrene Melting Machine

                      The Polystyrene Melting Machine use single?shaft crushing blades. The first blade and the last blade of each shaft has a 90°angle. Qinfeng Machinery is a EPS Melter Machine manufacturer and supplier in China which can provide you with high quality of Polystyrene Melting Machine.

                      When the shaft crushing blades are working, form a wave down the grip. So that the material constant downward movement, after going through the cutting blade. And broken into smaller blocks of matter .

                      The shaft crushing blades in the EPS hot melting machine can broke the EPS material into small blacks and go through the screen. The material that can’t go through the screen will be crushed again. And finally go through the screen. The material will been sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. The screw of the main machine can convey and heat the material to melt condition. Then extrude them for easy storage and transportation.

                      Polystyrene Melting Machine

                      CF-HM100 Polystyrene Melting Machine:


                      Model of Polystyrene Melting Machine CF-HM100
                      Feeding Size 650mmx400mm
                      Screw diameter φ138mm
                      Screw Length 1090mm
                      ?Screw Speed 165rpm
                      Extrusion center hight 250mm
                      Heating power 3kw
                      ?Main motor power 7.5kw
                      ?Screen Size 40mm
                      Blade rotation diameter 250mm
                      Blades quatity 12sets
                      ?Blades rotation speed 150rpm
                      Size 1200x1000x1400
                      Weight 800kg
                      ?Capacity 50kg/h

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