Qinfeng Compactor Machinery can provide you with Styrofoam Compactor/EPS Compactor/Foam Compactor/EPS Hot Melting Machine/EPS Melter/Foam Hot Melting Machine

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                      PSP Recycling Solution

                      Being one of the leading producers in waste EPS EPP EPE XPS PUR PSP Cans film PET bottle compactors industry, We are focus in the Styrofoam compactor, Polystyrene compactor, EPS compactor, EPS hot melting machinery (EPS melter), EPE compactor ,EPP compactor ,XPS compactor ,Can compactor ,Bottle compactor ,Film Squeezer. With lots of experience producing Waste screw compactor plastic recycling machines, Qinfeng Machinery’s mission is to industrialize “Green the world” for an oath and better environment for ourselves and future generations.